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The North American Alliance of Business Brokers welcomes you to our career opportunities. Success is measured in longevity and creativity. This is exemplified by the fact that we have been active since 2001 and we have pioneered the industry with creative marketing and sales processes that still remain proprietary to NAABB.

A business broker plays a very important role in the business community by representing business sellers to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. This IS NOT a real estate career as we sell the goodwill and assets. And while we provide a vital service, our broker owners easily eclipse $200,000 per year!

Furthermore, when you become a NAABB Certified Broker, you’ll have the flexibility and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of being independently owned and operated along with the brand presence and networking power of North America's dominant brand.


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NAABB Certified Brokerage Ownership

Broker ownership is your opportunity to become the owner of a NAABB Certified Brokerage. You likely have an entrepreneurial spirit and would much prefer being the boss rather than answering to one. Or maybe you already own your own business / firm and want to add business brokering to it. You might even be someone who has had such a bad experience with a business broker that you can do better than them.

Estimated yearly income for owners depends on size of territory and ranges from $350,000 to close to $2,000,000.

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NAABB Broker Sales Agent Employment

Being a sales agent is for someone who prefers employment with a NAABB Certified Brokerage. You likely do not feel ready for self ownership opting instead for the tutelage of an existing broker. This is a contract or hourly position with an existing NAABB Certified Broker. The compensation is negotiable and partially commensurate to your experience and abilities. No business brokering experience is required.

Estimated yearly income for agents / associate brokers generally ranges between $52,000 to a tad over $100,000.

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