Career Benefits

Modern Systems & Processes

We are always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and understanding our prospects. From our proprietary Business BrokerCast Marketing System to developing advanced mobile compatible broker web sites that loads like an app, we stay in touch with technology.

Industry's Top Training

NAABB Founder & Owner Scott Radin is one of the most experienced business broker professionals in the world. Scott Radin trains all new brokers himself 1-on-1 in the broker's home town / territory. The three day training program trains practical applications of business brokering systems.

Advanced Marketing Systems

GOOD NEWS - you will never have to cold call. NAABB generates virtually all of your business seller leads AND we generate virtually all of your buyer leads as well. These are hot leads wanting to hear from you. Our philosophy is to have the brokers working the sellers and buyers instead of finding them.

Comprehensive Support Systems

This is the most important part of our business model. We take the support seriously and we not only provide all contracts and templates, but we also have a private support site for our brokers at And live support is provided by Owner Scott Radin and Director Joseph Sexton.

About Us

Welcome to the North American Alliance of Business Brokers. We are seeking entrepreneurial types who want a low stress yet high reward career and whom are not afraid to invest in themselves. Well over 100 people before you have invested into the NAABB system and 100% of those following the system are successful. We are home to the business brokering industry's most advanced systems.

We are not only the industry leaders, we have been working as and with business brokers since 2001.

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